Many pocketknife blades have a drop-point shape, which centers the tip of the knife in the middle of the blade. The drop-point shape works well for general cutting purposes, but makes it difficult to carve small details. You can reshape a blade using sharpening stones and sandpaper, but the process is time consuming. The 3/4 tang leaves the blade with plenty of durability and strength, creating peace of mind for its user. The edge holds well, as do all Swedish carbon steel blades that Mora creates. Another tool in this list of best whittling knives is the Carvin’ Jack series, the Tri-Jack Pro offers three unique tools for excellent woodcarving and whittling.

wood carving knives

Whether your looking for the best, how to sharpen a wood carving knife, or just getting started and want to know what are the best wood carving tools for beginners. Our wood carving knives are the best around for carving, whittling and green woodworking projects. Empire Essentials Wood Carving Details Knife is a specially designed wood carving knife suitable for carving geometric, detailed, and delicate design typically used in chip carving and relief carving. It is made out of high-quality carbon steel hardened for optimum strength. It features an ergonomic design, which makes cutting, carving, and shaping so much easier.

Complete Wood Carving Set For Whittling

Other than this trivial drawback, the knife is a wonder to work with and is ideal for light-duty to medium-duty carving applications. It is lightweight and compact and will not take up too much space in your pockets or backpack. It also has two blades, one perfect for roughing while the other is ideal for detailing. These are thin made of two layers of steel, traditionally used for wood carving. A forged carving knife is made using a heated steel bar, which is then hammered into the desired shape. Such a knife has a thick blade with a bolster between the blade and the handle.

  • The Morakniv Wood Carving Junior Knife is primarily known as a reliable precision tool widely used by woodcarvers, whether they be beginners or professionals.
  • As you can see, the intricacy that is possible with only this knife is impressive.
  • Consequently, you are sure to be using the carving for your whole life without requiring a replacement.
  • The out-of-the-box sharpness of the knife accords the aforementioned groups the option of decreasing the need of exaggerating their cuts and in the process lessen the likelihood of injuring themselves.

A partial tang blade only extends to some degree into the handle. The construction differs in the sense that instead of being talks about it put together, it is glued. This has a drawback of slipping out of the blade due to high tension and pressure on the handle.


It comes with a few accessories to make your carving an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Included with the knife is a sheath-like pouch, a slip strop, and polishing compound to enable you to sharpen it at your own convenience, ensuring they are always at top carving condition. Plus, the Flexcut offers you a lifetime warranty limited to the repair and replacement of factory defective parts only.

wood carving knives

Wood carving includes creating structures and designs in three dimensions, which can be either functional or symbolic. You need a set of dedicated tools along with a workbench, at least, if not a workshop. Their knives comprise of fine woodcarving tools, which are consistently great for detail work.

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